Jobless Graduates in Kenya ,Shocking Stories



There is a lot of inequality in Kenya-Some Kenyans are earning over Ksh3 million while others have remained jobless for 20 years. Below are stories from jobless Kenyan, who have given up on employment.


My name is Kevin and I hold a Masters in business administration, bachelor of commerce and CPAK.I completed my studies in 2013 and since then I have been jobless.

I have tried everything but it seems nobody cares. I have now given up on employment. Am I the only one?



I hold a bachelor’s degree in education from KU.I have been jobless since 2009 and I don’t see any hope.Recently,TSC advertised for employment but I wasn’t short listed. Am I cursed? Who else is facing the same?

I was employed by a village school as a BOG teacher, earning Ksh3,500 per month.I quit the job and joined my mother in the village.


I pursued Biomedical sciences and emerged top in my class. Since 2012 I have been in Nairobi looking for a job. Nowadays I am very ashamed of dropping my CV in Nairobi because whenever I visit any office,the watchman wonders “you are still jobless”.I have covered almost every company I thought could employ me.Is it the course I pursued which is bad or am naturally unlucky?


I scored A from Maranda in 2004.I was admitted to the University of Nairobi to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. Despite graduating with second class upper in 2011,I have never gotten opportunity to work with any company in Kenya.I have applied for all the jobs I believe am qualified but none has turned positive. I feel useless and almost dying because of how the world treats me.

I hear people say electrical engineering is marketable but I don’t see the jobs they claim are plenty in Kenya.


I am one of Kenyans who are desperate for employment. My course was journalism and mass communications. I have attended hundreds of interviews but I guess employers don’t even look at my applications. In 5 years, I have suffered a lot in Nairobi and I have thought of doing something bad.


Mine was Agriculture engineering. In the first place I didn’t select this course but JAB sealed my fate. I decided to pursue the course anyway but the road I have travelled since 2011 is rough. I think of dying.


I pursued actuarial science from JKUAT and my degree is coloured with As.I had high expectations upon completion of my course but it seems the world is against me.From 2010 to present the only job I have done is internship, which I got with KNBS.

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