There are three things for you to succeed in SOCIAL BIZ CONNECT COMPANY
Believe in yourself that you can make it
Believe that the system works

  • Commit your time
  • Commit yourself
  • Commit your money ie.posters,business cards,badges,tags,files etc

3.Be PATIENT enough And be PERSISTENT to your work

Here comes the SEVEN SKILLS IN NETWORK MARKETING abbreviated as The CIPFERE skill.
This is the art of getting contacts.
Make sure you spent 100% in prospecting- This is where the bulk of your earning lies
Compile a Comprehensive Name List from your Phone-book, Diary, Business Cards and
any other source of the People You Know. Do a minimum of 150 Names. This List MUST
grow by a minimum of 10% every week.
> Online methods which include using social sites like Facebook,twitter,instagram,junk mail,OLX,LinkedIn,google+,Job sites,Brighter Monday,YouTube,Pigiame,Locanto, etc
-You either post an advert about an opportunity,post a testimonial or sponsor a post using your Facebook page ie An example of a Facebook page
An example of an advert to post on facebook groups is


A digital company based in Nairobi is looking for individuals to work with on either full-time or PART-TIME basis. Income from Ksh 10,000 weekly.


*Basic computer skills

*Form four leaver and above.

*18yrs and above

*Ready to work under little or no supervision.

*Team Player

*Residing within Nairobi

If interested and qualified, send your full  names, education level, email and current location through an sms/whatsapp or call:0729745516

Facebook is the main social platform that we use to get traffic


  1. Create Facebook accounts( at least 3 different accounts).Each account should have at least 5000friends.How many friends do you have in your account?

Facebook profile Picture and background MUST be presentable and professional. Because image speaks louder. (You cant be offering a job and you are wearing desperately…wearing unironed old 2007 TNA shirt-No one will contact you)

  1. In every account create a page.

Update your FB account and the page EVERYDAY at least twice a day. By posting like morning,afternoon and evening. Every business post you make should be followed by like 5motivtional posts. (You can get motivational posts from Google sites)

  1. To promote your Facebook page..Tell your friends to like and share your page with their friends. This will give you more contacts

Join many FB groups where you will also be posting your adverts

  1. Keep FB for business don’t mix with other things that add no value to your business.
  1. Let the name/title of the page be business oriented. eg

online entrepreneur/internet marketing/ make

  1. 80%of your guest should be from online methods eg twitter, Instagram, blogs, and mostly from FB
  1. FB page should have a link to your blog for people to access more information.
  2. Learn to respond to your guests/Be attending members training to learn more

Make Google your friend,Follow the pros in Network marketing ie Les Brown,Robert Kiyosaki,Jim Rhon etc


To get STARTED CLICK the link below


>>>Ensure that on a DAILY BASIS, you chat with at least 30 Online Friends with an aim of getting at least 5 new contacts DAILY – people who give you their telephone numbers.
Remember when chatting you do not present details of the opportunity. All you aim to achieve is getting a telephone contact of the person.
Below is an example of the sequence of a typical process:
Add Friend
Upon acceptance of your friend request, you would send a text as below:
“ Hi John, thanks for acceptance, am delighted to connect with you. Lets keep in touch as we share opportunities that come our way.”
Continue with the chat to establish rapport with your new friend getting to know each other better including what he/she does for a living. Always introduce yourself as an Online Entrepreneur.
Based on the above you could drop the message below:
Hi John, I urgently require a few serious computer literate individuals to work with me online on a part time or full time basis, marketing digital products and services and earning extra income, at least Kshs 10,000/= per week. Is there anyone you can recommend? Send me details on whatsapp no +254729745516
You will most likely get anything between 10 – 30% of the people you chat with either saying they are interested or they will recommend friends and all you do is compile the Names and Mobile nos in your Prospect List.

Think of various Institutions and Events that you attended or do attend regularly. Example – Your former College, Church, Weddings, Parties, Funerals and any other Forum where you meet with People, including Public Transport. Get to chat with people, establish rapport and ONLY exchange mobile contacts. DO NOT present the opportunity at that stage.
In institutions like Colleges and Churches, you can use Referral Forms or Fliers to get contacts.
Advertise the Opportunity in various Media eg Public Noticeboards, using Posters/Fliers,handouts,Print media,Electronic media etc
Below is an Example of an Advert that you can customize in a Poster to advertise the opportunity.

Get Paid Kshs 5,000 – 10,000/= weekly and change your financial status NOW!

Are You:
Looking For A Job
Working and Looking For an Extra Source of Income
A Student Looking For a Part Time Engagement
Behind in Your Bills and Promises to Your Family
Your Search ends here.
Basic Computer Skills ie in Internet And Email
Age 21 years and Above
Able to work under little or no supervision.
If interested, Whatsapp or Text Your Official Names, Gmail Address and Location to 0790159322

Deadly mistakes we make while prospecting

  • We approach the contact list withe goal of sponsoring everyone
  • We only talk to close friends and family
  • We prejudge prospects and we talk to the only one we think got the interest
  • We sell business instead of the meeting during the invite
  • We approach all the prospects in the same way


Network marketing ideas for inviting prospects

  • Always be in a hurry
  • Stay postured
  • Confirm the date
  • Follow up- Share with the prospects motivational quotes.

Build a Comprehensive Name List from the Phonebook and from Online Platforms
Send SMS Request for appointment to a minimum of 100 contacts that you would wish to refer to SBC as per sample below:

“ Hi John, how is your schedule for the next one week? When can we get together for a brief on the online project I have just started? It might interest and be of benefit to you”

From time to time you will need to give an idea of what the business or project is about and below is the information you can provide:

“ We are running an Online Marketing program which provides an opportunity for marketing Online Services either part time or full time basis and making of an extra income”


From the Contact list on your phonebook and other personal contacts there are people you may not wish to invite directly but they could recommend other candidates. Below is the sample text you can send them:

“Hi Uncle Bob, this is camillus konjalo. Am now engaged with Social Biz Connect, an ICT Firm in Kenya which has Launched a Youth Empowerment Program that provides opportunity for marketing Digital Products and Services Online. Could you recommend to me a few serious computer literate individuals to work with us on Part time or Full time basis to earn at least Kshs 8,000/= per week.”

Subsequent to the above requests for appointment, either meet or follow-up with those who show interest and close them for attendance of a Presentation of the Opportunity.

Unless you are in THE RIGHT PLACE, have ENOUGH TIME and have the PRESENTATION SKILLS, DO NOT attempt to present the opportunity at this stage. The environment must be right, you must have enough time to do the presentation and the skills to present. If any of these conditions are not met, your endeavor will fail and you will lose the prospect by leaving them with more questions than answers and they may not give you another chance or attend the Seminar at the office.


From the list of contacts who have shown interest in the Opportunity, send them an official invitation to the Training Seminar at IMA offices using the samples below depending on whether they are your personal contacts or prospects recommended by your down-line or other Third Party.


Hi John, great things are happening. We have a platform for digital advertising and networking which  Empowers the Youth and offers people an Opportunity to Earn a JOB Replacing Income from the Comfort of their Homes, Office, Mobile Phone etc either working on Part time Or Full Time basis with us earning extra Ksh5,000-8,000 weekly. Are you interested? Or you may be having interested friends to recommend to me?If yes contact me on  my business line(+254729745516) Looking forward to your reply. Kind Regards & God bless.Regards: CAMILLUS KONJALO


Hello John ,Am Camillas Konjalo, working with an IT Company in KENYA. We are looking for ambitious people to work with and earn Ksh 20k-50k per month within the 1st year on a project on poverty eradication and community empowering programme .Your friend (ALLAN WAFULA-07………) recommended you to us and I would like to invite you for exposition to be held TOMORROW at 11am. If interested, confirm attendance so that the location and other requirements can be sent. Thanks. GOD BLESS YOU.

 Once you get positive responses from option 1/ 2 above, you would send the following sms:

  (a) Hi Janet, we offer programs that empower the youth and eradicate poverty, such as, advertising,  networking, sales of digital products  on a full time/part time basis. You are invited to attend our training session :Located at Commerce House 4th floor, Next to Kenya Cinema Plaza. Requirements: Notebook, Pen and 200/= for business orientation meeting and to keep off jokers.(Work begins after the training) Feel free to ask any question regarding this opportunity. Otherwise see you on Saturday at 11am. Income: Ksh 7,000 and above weekly.  Regards, CAMILLAS KONJALO TEAM CC

Hi Janet, I’m Camillus konjalo from SOCIAL BIZ CONNECT. We have Full/Part Time ONLINE MARKETING Opportunities for People with Basic Computer Skills to Earn Ksh 8,000-15,000 WEEKLY. You were recommended to me by Davev(075767802). Attend a 3hr SEMINAR on TUE 26/2/2017 @11.15am. VENUE is Commerce House, 4th Floor Next to Kenya Cinema, Moi Avenue.
Note Book & Pen
Ksh 200 Seminar Fee. Please Confirm Attendance to Reserve Your Seat. INVITED by CAMILLUS KONJALO, TEAM Cc


We have three options for presenting the opportunity to prospects:
1)Business Opportunity Meeting(BOM)/Seminar at IMA Offices in Nairobi
2)One on One Meeting
3)Special Meeting
For New Members option 1 is the most appropriate as it accords you the opportunity to leverage on older members expertise and testimonials.
With assistance from your upline, you can fix a One-on-One presentation with your prospect who may not practically attend the BOM. You must remember that each of these options have costs that the member has to be prepared to undertake. One-on-One is the most expensive and depending on the presenters skill level and availability of testimonial its also the most effective. Option 1, however is the most cost effective and easily applicable. Option 3 is the last resort because of additional logistical challenges. It can also be very effective especially for prospects who would otherwise not be available to attend the BOM. Operating as a team makes it cost effective too.
Ensure that you present the opportunity to AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE DAILY, consistently for a MINIMUM of ONE MONTH.


This happens after the PRESENTATION which includes

  • Handling objections.
  • Clarifying issues to the prospect
  • Closing of sales

CLOSING OF SALES is the critical point to make a sale.Make sure you’re able to answer the The three Questions which the prospect might never ask ie. CAN I DO IT,WILL YOU HELP ME,DOES THIS WORK

After the prospect attends the Presentation through any of the three options above, ensure that within 24 hours, you make a follow-up call, first to thank the prospect for attending the meeting and two to gain commitment for a Follow-up meeting during which you will be sharing with him/her details of how you will assist them to get started and start making money. It is during this meeting that the prospect who did not upgrade immediately after the presentation is closed to sign up and upgrade.
Below is a typical Closing Script that you can adapt and use with your prospects:
CLOSING SCRIPT: It starts with the four questions:-

  1. Based on what you’ve just seen,if you were to get started with the business approximately how much will you be earning? ie 30k
  2. Approximately how many hours are you going to commit on weekly basis to earn that Amount??ie 14hrs/week
  3. How many months would you work those kind of hours inorder to get that Income?? ie 2-3 months
  4. If I could show you how to develop an income of 30k/month working 14hrs a week over the course of 2mnths would you be ready to get started??


Explain the cost of investment, including the IMA engagement rules(Tag,Badge,Center fee). Explain the Sales Process (CIPFERE – Prospecting, Inviting, Presenting, Follow-up/Closing, Enrolling & Upgrading, Retaining/Coaching, Events Promotion) – these are the tasks to be performed by the member in order to achieve the desired results, emphasizing the importance of availability for training (Monday Early Bird training, Friday Members training, Tue & Wed Sales Training, Follow up/Team meetings and attending to their guests when they invite), Commitment to the Tasks and Massive Action. Clarify for Part Timers that they don’t have to attend all the meetings but it is important that they create time and attend crucial training sessions. Explain how you will support the member to undertake the above tasks. This includes the process of inviting the guests, training on developing prospects from Personal Contacts (including Third Party contacts), Online Platforms eg Facebook and Offline Platforms eg Referral forms. The member will also be trained on the full Sales Cycle to acquire the skills necessary to grow the business.
Proceed to register free account and give overview of SBC site including syncronising SBC Account with Facebook and how to upgrade.Explain to him the importance of the 7920 KSH( Get a RESELLER LICENSE,ACCESS TO PRODUCTS,GET COMMISSIONS)
Ensure the Free member joins SBC Facebook group – www.facebook.com/groups/SBCSuccess
Seek commitment from prospect on readiness to get started in the business


Securing an Upgrade is only the beginning of your relationship with the new member as your business partner. It is your responsibility to retain this member in the business by Coaching, Training and Mentoring the new member so as to duplicate your effort and grow the business, thereby achieving the expected income/dream in SBC.

 > To get the new member started on a successful footing set up a meeting with the new member within 24 hours of upgrading and use the manual – SBC GETTING STARTED GUIDE – 10 POINT PLAN for induction of the new member. Get the new member to adopt and implement the same with his/her downlines.

1)Set Up Your SBC ACCOUNT (“Your SBC
2)Upload Financial Details
Enter Commission Payment Details:
MPESA No, PIN No, Bank Account Details

10)IMA Engagement Rules

Acquire membership to Internet Marketing Africa Ltd (IMA) through the following:
Provide a Copy of your National ID
Provide One Coloured Passport Photo of yourself
Provide cash for ID Card
Pay Centre Fee on a monthly basis
Register as a member of Internet Marketing Africa online:
Login to www.internetmarketingafrica.com
Dress Code – Business Attire (For Men – a Tie is mandatory, For Ladies – No indecent exposure)
Wear IMA ID and Badge at all times when in office
Sign/Adhere to the IMA Engagement Terms and Conditions
The above terms enables a member to use IMA Offices to grow the business by attending all member trainings, conducting business meetings and using the Company Facilities to present the business to prospects either one on one or through the Business Seminars run by the Company on a daily basis

Meeting with Upline/ Managing Member Expectations

Set Up a meeting with your Upline within the first 24 hours of Upgrading SBC Account to review the following Agenda:
Define Your “SMART” Goals for Joining SBC Business Opportunity (DREAMs) as follows:
Short Term Goals – One to Six Months
Medium Term Goals – One to Two Years
Long Term Goals – 5 Years and Beyond
Review the SBC Payplan to relate to the achievement of the above Goals thereby agreeing the Level of Activity necessary to achieve the stated Goals.
Discuss the Sales Cycle/Skills required to achieve the results as envisaged by the Goals.
Prospecting – Developing Contacts (Prospects)
Inviting – Getting the Prospects to attend Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM)
Presenting – Showing the Opportunity to Prospects
Follow-up – Clarifying Issues/Handling Objections
Enroll/Upgrade – Getting Guest to register a Free Account and Upgrade to Business Club
Retention – Coaching the new member to Duplicate the Sales Cycle and grow the business
Events – Ensure that every member attends Trainings, Business Seminars, Team Meetings and Regular Meetings with Upline(s) to strategize/manage business development.

Names List

New Member develops a Name List (Prospect List) – minimum 150 Names from Personal Contacts.
Discuss other Platforms to grow the Name List to a minimum of 250 and to grow the same by at least 10% on a weekly basis.
These include Online Platforms – Social Media Platforms eg Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin etc; Offline Platforms eg Posters, Fliers, Referral Forms, Print Media etc

Invite Contacts to Business Seminar

With the guidance from Upline, send invitation to all contacts developed.
Its important that a member invites the hot list first to enable him/her get at least four upgrades in the shortest time, possibly within the first one or two weeks.
Ensure ALL invitations to the Business Seminars must be signed with Inviter FULL NAME and Team Initials (TS)
Avail Yourself to receive and take care of your guests who attend Business Seminar.
Learn the art of Closing Sales using the standard script provided by and as demonstrated by Upline and apply the same skills on an ongoing basis.

Attend the first two consecutive Fridays Member Training to acquire Product Knowledge and Business Skills.
Get a Copy of the Introduction to Network Marketing Manual, learn and apply knowledge gained
Download a free copy of the “ Your First Year in Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell from Google.
Attend a Minimum of 3 Events every week – Monday Early Bird Training, Friday Members Training and at least one Business Seminar/Sales Skills Training in the course of the week.

Massive Action
Continue to Invite Guests for either Business Seminar or One on One Presentation, ensuring a Minimum of 10 Guests see the SBC Business Opportunity every week.

Practice the Sales Cycle Skills and Coach your Downlines to duplicate Steps 1 to 7 above.

Personal Development
Keep Improving Your Knowledge of the Business by acquiring and reading/watching various Books, Audio CD’s and DVD’s on Network Marketing and Motivation for Personal Development and Enhancement of Belief in the business
At any one time you must always be having a reference material on Network Marketing – Book, Manual, Magazine, CD, DVD – Download material from EXPERTS on YOUTUBE

Leadership Development
Develop Leadership Skills by running Team Meetings and learning what it takes to manage In-service and Doing Presentation to Customers during a BOM

  The Secrets of the 3 Rs(RECRUIT,RETAIN AND REPLICATE) to Building a Network Marketing Empire

The Secrets of the 3 R’s to building a MLM empire consists of three principles.The 3 R’s are:RECRUIT,RETAIN,and REPLICATE.  Bring in the best people and invest time in those people to keep them motivated so they will move to the next level and you can develop them into leaders, just like you.  Let your organization know there’s work involved and you need leaders so that you all can be successful.  This is an expectation that needs to be set in place before anyone starts to build a business.  There are many reasons why people fail in Network Marketing.  I’m going to share with the secrets of the 3 R’s to building a MLM empire

1.The first secret of the 3 R’s to building a MLM empire is to Recruit MLM recruiting is an easy skill to mastery that you can develop for any MLM business. Why do you think it’s so important? Simply because the only way you get paid in a MLM company is by recruiting or selling its products. The true power relies in recruiting people simply because MLM companies pay you off of the work your team does and that’s called leverage.  It make no sense if you have a product and it can’t move because there is not enough distributors. MLM has built is foundation on “word of mouth” advertising. So, the more you “share” and offer people what you have, the more successful you will be as well as your success team.

  1. The second secret of the 3 R’s to building a MLM empire is to Retain. Once you have done the work of recruiting, here comes the challenging part, which is retaining the people on your success team. This is the #1 problem faced by many distributors.  Here is a break down of how to retain the people that enroll into your success team.A recruit is not a recruit, until they recruit their recruits to become qualified.Make Sure Your New Recruit Has A Completely Replicatable Program.Help Them Create An Objective And Date For Reaching It.Write Down Precise Steps Recruits Need To Take To Reach Objective And Get It To Them Immediately.Follow Up with them Regularly.Make Sure All Recruits Understand The Benefits Of Your MLM Opportunity; Quiz Them To Be Sure.Ensure Recruits Have Lead-Generating Means.Help Your Recruits Learn To Close.
  2. The third secret of the 3 R’s to building a MLM empire is to Replicate(or Duplicate).A new distributor that comes on board, needs to generate leads and people to talk to just by following suit of their leader. The distributor has to have a keen understanding on grasping the simple concepts of MLM sponsoring. This is also known as MLM duplication since it involves gathering information about MLM prospecting and moving ahead in the business.These are the five techniques to successful MLM duplication that can help you.Technique

#1For making your MLM business easily duplicable, it should have clear and concise instructions for the new distributor. If the system used is a proven one, the downline will not find it ambiguous. You can circulate websites, training calls and local MLM events for your downlines for instructional purposes. This does not cost much nor is it hard to create. This way you can ensure that everybody under you is following the same plan at a given time.Technique

#2MLM leadership includes giving the downline a space to grow and learn. Motivate the downline to use your proven system plan religiously so that they can follow the steps while doing business. Once they are fixed in his mind, half the job of MLM duplication is done.Technique

#3You cannot assure that your new distributor under you is going to be a superstar. It is always better to maintain a level of simplicity in the duplication system for a winning in any MLM business. This will help you to gain profits and have a strong support for your downlines.Technique

#4It has been observed that only about a quarter of the consultants that you recruit are sincerely dedicated towards becoming successful. So be optimistic and practical. Focus your energy on this fraction of people and teach your downlines to do the same. Due to this, you can save on efforts and money and display good MLM leadership skills.Technique

#5Let the distributor know that you are keen on helping him succeed. This may sometimes involve giving away one of your recruits to his credit. In the end, it is important that you win as a team.


 This is the most effective way of getting anyone grounded in the business.

Events include:

Business Opportunity Meeting/Training Seminar for Guests at IMA offices, Training ( Members, Team and One-on-One Trainings) and Meetings (Members, Team and One-on-One Meetings)

Ensure that the new member acquires the IMA membership and adheres to the IMA Engagement Rules with special emphasis in Regular Attendance of Events, IMA Identification Documents and costs and Dressing Code.